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Nepal Public Health Network (NPHN), established in 2011, is an organization of students and professionals in public health and related disciplines around the world. We aim to group all students and professionals of public health and related arenas in Nepal and abroad to engage in raising awareness about public health issues faced by people in Nepal. Read more

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Public Health In Nepal

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Nepal confronts with triple burden of diseases, malnutrition, and a weak health system as the major threat to nation's health as well as a formidable barrier to meeting Millennium Development Goal. While communicable diseases are still an important cause of preventable deaths, the chronic non-communicable diseases have emerged as major killers. Injuries and disasters, along with emerging and reemerging diseases associated with the change in environment, constitute the third category in the burden of diseases.

In spite of economic backwardness, difficult terrain and decade of violent conflict, there has been remarkable improvement in health indicators such as Infant Mortality Rate, Maternal Mortality Ratio and Total Fertility Rate. The right of Nepali people for basic health care is enshrined in the interim constitution of 2007. However, the nutritional

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Collaborating Partners


Public Health Perspective (PHP) Nepal

Public Health Perspective Nepal (PHP Nepal) also known as जनस्वास्थ्य परिप्रेक्ष्य नेपाल ('Janaswasthya Pariprekshya Nepal') is a non-governmental, non-political and non- profit organization of health professionals in Nepal. With the theme Research, Training, and Health Information Sharing, an explicit combination– this association of health experts organizes quality researches, trainings, programs, and development works in both health and related development sectors. It was initially started in 2011 as a Public Health Perspective Online Newsletter- Nepal's first public health online newsletter.Read more


Health Prospect Journal of Nepal Public Health Students' Society 

Health Prospect, a Public Health Journal of Nepal Public Health Students' Society is a unique effort of Public Health Students at Institute of Medicine Maharajgunj Medial CampusI to give their knowledge and ideas to a broad scientific shape. It has crossed its decade history. It has contained articles (research article, review article, viewpoints) from Students, recent graduates and Teaching Faculties. Articles from other subject area has been accepted on their relevance to theme this of publication. Read more


Journal of Pakistan Medical Students (JPMS)

Journal of Pakistan Medical Students (JPMS) an international, open access, peer reviewed, online and print journal with quarterly publication. Currently, it holds 28 indexations. JPMS invites Faculty and students from Nepal to contribute research papers and join the editorial team of JPMS. JPMS offers a special 20% discounted rate for the print subscription to the Members of  the NPHN. Read more


Journal of Infection in Developing Countries (JIDC)

JIDC was launched to help researchers in developing countries overcome some of the documented biases against developing country science. The mission of the journal is to provide all infectious disease researchers from developing countries with an international forum for publishing their research findings. Read more

Featured Public Health Organizations In Nepal


Forum for Human Rights and Public Health-Nepal (Friendship-Nepal) is a non-profitable independent public organization working in the area of Human Rights, Child Rights, Child Education, Environment and margins. Mainly we prioritize HIV/AIDS and drug abuses. The organization is dedicated to conduct its programs in the rural and low privileged urban sectors where the need of such program is more significant. Read More

Featured Public Health Schools In Nepal

Pokhara University

In 2008, Pokhara University has started a new Health Professional course; bachelor in Public Health. In 2009, the name of school was changed as School of Health and Allied Sciences and B.Sc. Nursing program was started.

Public health focuses on improving the health of population. Public Health has been growing up with different modest and applicable approaches that can contribute in ensuring the health of the people by providing the quality health care.

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